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Taking Care of Your New Yard - Sod

- posted by Michael Bloom on August 30, 2016

Of course the yard in your new house looks great when you move in, but now it’s your job to keep it looking – and feeling – that way. What you do from hear depends what type of yard you have. In this post, we’re going to lay out a plan for your new sod yard.

  • First two weeks – There is nothing more vital now than water, and lots of it! In general, the first seven to fourteen days call for deep, thorough watering 3-5 times per day. Good soaking throughout the day will promote early root growth and penetration into the existing soil. It also important to stay off of the new sod during this time – and that includes adults, kids and pets.
  • Second two weeks – Weeks three and four are for conditioning your new sod to a more regular cycle of watering. Watering still just as important as before, but controlling the water cycles is what makes the real difference. Reduce watering to one to three times per day and skip a day in between waterings. As you’ve heard, evenings and early morning are the best times to water to allow the water soak in before evaporating.
  • Next six months – Now it’s time to toughen up your sod a bit. Wait to water until it looks a little dry. Then water deeply. You want the grass to feel a little stress so it grows deeper roots that will ultimately need less water.

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