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The Organized Move - 4 weeks out

- posted by Michael Bloom on June 26, 2016

Eight weeks became six weeks and six has become four. That’s right…you’re just ONE MONTH AWAY FROM MOVING! Don’t panic. Remember that sharks – and some movers – can smell panic. You have to remain calm, cool, controlled…and organized. Your new Benton Homebuilders home is almost ready for you AND your stuff.


The time has finally come to SERIOUSLY think about -  and actually start – packing. No matter how well you’ve done purging your current stash of stuff, you still have WAY too much. That’s okay, because now you actually get to decide what is going with you and what is just going away. Gandhi once said that, “the biggest move starts with a single box”…or something like that. So here’s what you need to do to get started:

  • Take a good long look – You need boxes, a lot of them, and most grocery stores no longer have good boxes to give away. So you’ll probably have to buy boxes. The path between your current house and the box store will become well-worn before you’re done, but starting with a good analysis of your needs will hopefully save you a few trips.
  • The big buy-back – Those extra boxes left after the move? Really don’t worry about them. Most – if not all – box stores will refund your money for unused boxes. But, trust us, there won’t be many.
  • Take a good personal inventory – And organize your boxes accordingly! You really don’t want to put the plunger in with your fine china…but, at some point in the packing phase, that will seem to make complete sense. Fight the urge! Keep your packing contained to one room at a time and don’t be afraid of a few lighter boxes. Your china – and your plunger –will thank you.


Now start packing when you have a moment. Remember Gandhi and focus on small victories. Five boxes a day is a good number. Five boxes a day for thirty days makes 150 boxes.


You don’t have more than that, do you? 


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