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The Organized Move - 6 weeks out

- posted by Michael Bloom on May 11, 2016

So you're really doing this. You're moving into a new Benton Homebuilders home in just 6 weeks. There are many stages of heavy lifting. You've already started getting organized and, more importantly, getting rid of stuff that isn't going to that beautiful new home. Good job!

If you are reading this post, it's safe to assume that you are either an organization freak...or you want to be. Well here's your dream come true...make a list of all of the things that need to get done over the next 6 weeks, create a schedule and live by it. That's an order!

Now it's time to start getting the business of getting a new home in order...as well as leaving your current residence.

  • Start with letting your current service providers (electric, gas, cable/internet, etc.) know that you are moving. If your are moving within the same region, most of these will be transfer to your new home almost seamlessly. If you are moving to St. Louis from a different city, you have to double up on your calls, canceling service in your current city and starting new service here.

  • Again if you are moving from a different city, you should request copies of your records from doctors, attorneys, schools, etc. so that you have them ready to start your new life.

  • If you have kids, pets or both, this is a good time to set up any extra care you may need around and during your move. Babysitters get busy at the most inconvenient times and you don't want to be scrambling for a daycare option as the boxes are being loaded on the moving truck
  • Take a look at your current furniture and place it in a layout of your new home. If you need to buy a new couch, bed, etc. this is the time to get that order in.

As an organizer, you probably here people tell you all of the time to "get out of your own head!". But, this time, you're in just the right spot. Plan to your heart's content.

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