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The Organized Move - Moving Day

- posted by Michael Bloom on August 30, 2016

You know how you have always dreamed of being a domestic general, in complete control of the comings and goings around your house, a la George Patton...read more

New vs Used? What it means to your new home.

- posted by Michael Bloom on April 13, 2016



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Making the move right for your pets

- posted by Michael Bloom on October 9, 2015

Exciting...and stressful! These two words are often associated with moving into a new home. And we're talking about for people. Now imagine how...read more

What makes a great new home community?

- posted by Michael Bloom on September 25, 2015

New home communities are found everywhere in and around the St. Louis metropolitan area. East to west, north to south, new homes of every size, shape and layout are available for buyers looking for their first, or next, new home. But what differentiates these new home communities?

What...read more

Buying Season Is Hereā€¦Are You Ready?

- posted by Michael Bloom on April 10, 2015

Of course, new homes are available throughout the year, but prime buying season runs generally from April 1st to November 1st. That means that we at Benton Homebuilders are off and running during our busiest – and most exciting – time of year. For many customers, their new home...read more