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Taking Care of Your New Yard - Sod

- posted by Michael Bloom on August 30, 2016

Of course the yard in your new house looks great when you move in, but now it’s your job to keep it looking – and feeling – that way. What you...read more

The Organized Move - Moving Day

- posted by Michael Bloom on August 30, 2016

You know how you have always dreamed of being a domestic general, in complete control of the comings and goings around your house, a la George Patton...read more

The Organized Move - 4 weeks out

- posted by Michael Bloom on June 26, 2016

Eight weeks became six weeks and six has become four. That’s right…you’re just ONE MONTH AWAY FROM MOVING! Don’t panic. Remember that sharks –...read more

Keep Pets Safe From Dangerous Plants

- posted by Michael Bloom on May 19, 2016

Spring is nearing an end and summer is just around the corner. Many homeowners are spending their weekends in the garden tilling, fertilizing, mulching and planting. And...read more

Meet Your Sales Manager - Janet St. John

- posted by Michael Bloom on March 18, 2016

When you love what you do, it makes your days fun and exciting. That's the way it is for Janet St. John, a read more

Happy New Year!

- posted by Michael Bloom on January 3, 2016

Benton Homebuilders

read more

Making the move right for your pets

- posted by Michael Bloom on October 9, 2015

Exciting...and stressful! These two words are often associated with moving into a new home. And we're talking about for people. Now imagine how...read more

Moving in to your new Benton home? Time for a garage sale!

- posted by Michael Bloom on July 23, 2015

Moving in to a new Benton home is one of the most exciting things that you will ever do. To help ensure a successful and lower stress move, consider reducing...read more

Be on the Lookout for Home Repair Scams!

- posted by Michael Bloom on May 15, 2015

Hail. Gusting winds. Torrential rains. Otherwise known as springtime in St. Louis. The last few weeks have seen multiple rounds of strong storms, bringing...read more

Sweets for your Sweetheart always a hit!

- posted by Amy Ruwe on January 30, 2014

Valentine Cookie and Cupcake Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a day for sweet treats as an expression of love. Kids love sweets and this is a day they can truly enjoy! Here are some ideas for making cookies and cupcakes that include the most important...read more